JANUARY 1, 2008
9:00 A.M. PST


a freelance photographer who aggressively pursues celebrities for the purpose of taking candid photographs

Beverly Hills, CA – For years, the word “paparazzi” has been given a bad name by the acts of a reckless few who have spoiled the art of celebrity photography for those who act in a professional manner while pursuing their craft, and has made most believe that there is nothing more to the job than being willing to invade someone’s privacy for a quick buck.

But there is much more to this art, which is a mixture of photographic excellence, journalistic acumen, and the uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time. Roy Englebrecht, an entertainment and sports innovator for over a quarter of a century, knows this fact, and following the unprecedented success of his Sportscaster Camps of America and Fight Promoter University, he is launching an innovative five day course that will not only explain the craft of being a paparazzi, it will teach and train a new breed of celebrity photographers that will give the art its good name back.

“Bad paparazzo’s hurt good paparazzo’s,” said Englebrecht. “At Paparazzi University, we want to train and raise up a new breed of good paparazzi, by teaching the craft and showing the right way to go about taking celebrity photographs. Students will learn the ins and outs of this exciting field from the best in the business, and when they complete the course, they will be armed with all the tools to be successful paparazzi, and to do so in a responsible manner.”

Paparazzi University will take place this November in Beverly Hills, California, and will feature intensive classroom teaching sessions taught by some of the top talent in the entertainment field, along with a full time staff of some of the country’s top photographers. Some of the course topics include “10 Commandments For A Paparazzi”, “Who Needs Who”, “Boundaries and Retaliation”, “Shooting Safely and Legally”, and “How to Get The Best Photo” to name a few.

At least 25 guest speakers, ranging from actors, agents, managers, to media editors, PR experts and law enforcement officials, to paparazzo’s, are all scheduled to speak during the five day course.

And to make Paparazzi University come to life for its students, there will be plenty of “on the job” training, as five member PU teams will scatter throughout Southern California for three nights, and be “on location” outside some of top Hollywood and Beverly Hills nightspots and celebrity hangouts as well as on Rodeo Drive, getting “hands on” paparazzi experience and putting into practice what they are learning.

At the end of the course, each of the students (there is a 100 student maximum enrollment) will be awarded their PhD (Paparazzi Highest Degree) at a special commencement ceremony, and awards will be given for the Best Photos taken during their “on the job” photo shoots.

Representatives from People Magazine, the National Enquirer, TMZ, and X17 have already committed to participate in the inaugural Paparazzi University, which is destined to begin a new chapter in the field of celebrity photography. For more information and to register for Paparazzi University, go to


Paparazzi University is owned by Roy Englebrect Promotions

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